Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet Senior Sausage StaffieMix THOR saved from death row needs a Wonderful 4ever HOME ASAP

Lovely Senior staffie mix THOR is in NEED of his very own 4ever HOME!

this cuter than cute Sausage of a boy (or is it a little HIPPO??) needs a safe and loving place to chill out at and call Home 4ever: if you can offer him such a beautiful gift, please contact us ASAP.

Thor is a senior citizen with a heart of Gold; we estimate he is about 10 yrs old; he has all his shots and will be neutered if the vet estimates it should /can be done (he is a peaceful fella as is);

Thor is lovely and sweet and had been quite sad having lost his longtime human companion who passed away; we long to find him the home he deserves as soon as possible... he'll be sure to keep you smiling, the big cute clown that he is ;0]

Thor is mellow and a chill dog, he just loves to keep his tail constantly wagging, hang out inside the home near you or happily go for a leisure walk outside or explore his own fenced-in backyard and catch the rays and sunshine while lounging on the grass in the company of another dog, perhaps;

Thor is too cute with his short legs and sausage-like body; we guess his previous owner most likely did not walk Thor much; but now Thor can lose a few pounds in a new home with a little exercise and proper diet;

we'd love to see Thor in a calm home without small kids and too many other animals --he is good to all beings and likes other dogs, but he thrives in a calm peaceful positive environment, not in loud, chaotic situations - like every senior would.

He has still a lot to give to someone who, like us, loves healthy "Older-Dog Energy" and will be happy to have a companion who is as chill as he is!

email us at to receive a quick application
or call 646 642 2227 ASAP to offer Thor a 4ever HOME;
you can also SPONSOR Thor through our paypal email -
thank you for helping Thor go home!

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