Thursday, March 25, 2010

please help KIM with a properly MATCHED HOME or pro bono TRAINING

KIM is currently in very SHORT TERM FOSTER in central NJ and in need to find a FOSTER or 4EVER HOME or TRAINER to take her on PRO BONO: if you can help KIM, please act ASAP: putting her back into a kennel is NOT a good solution for this girl, we're in URGENT need for a matched HOME for her, even temporary;)

our girl KIM has gone through so much! this No Concern girl has a little spunk and a little nervousness and fear to overcome; but she is a Good Girl, she just needs to learn the ropes and be with a guardian who is calm and assertive and can teach her the way; we're looking for a foster or 4ever home who is experienced enough with the bullies and could help Kim grow and be trained: she is a sweetheart and a STUNNER, too! her 4ever home will have to commit to a training course as part of the adoption, which would benefit both Kim and the new guardians.

if a proper dog experienced enough foster situation is found, we'd be looking to find a trainer able to help us while she is in foster care: can anyone who QUALIFIES help this girl?

another option for KIM would be to find a pro-bono TRAINER to take her under his/her wing for a little while and help her move forward into her journey of growth into a balanced adult young lady;)

if you can SPONSOR Kim, then we will be able to send her to a paid training facility.

please email or call 646 642 2227 for more info if you can help us help KIM ASAP: she has no time left and we can't board her, she needs to be in a properly matched home or a training facility - please help spread the word for KIM, this is URGENT!!

All of our dogs are spayed and neutered, are UTD on their vaccines and are microchipped.

Sunday, August 30, 2009


It looks like Ronald's wonderful Foster Home is going to Adopt him!

a very unique Mix and a beautiful dog who probably spent a lot of time TIED UP somewhere: he is in wonderful shape; yet the loss of hair on the sides of his neck show that he might have rubbing against a rope for too long..

Ronald is a very happy, beautiful, friendly boy, a sweetheart; he is fine around most other balanced dogs, yet a bit agitated around cats;

Ronald was saved from death-row at the high kill shelter in new york city.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sweet Senior Sausage StaffieMix THOR saved from death row needs a Wonderful 4ever HOME ASAP

Lovely Senior staffie mix THOR is in NEED of his very own 4ever HOME!

this cuter than cute Sausage of a boy (or is it a little HIPPO??) needs a safe and loving place to chill out at and call Home 4ever: if you can offer him such a beautiful gift, please contact us ASAP.

Thor is a senior citizen with a heart of Gold; we estimate he is about 10 yrs old; he has all his shots and will be neutered if the vet estimates it should /can be done (he is a peaceful fella as is);

Thor is lovely and sweet and had been quite sad having lost his longtime human companion who passed away; we long to find him the home he deserves as soon as possible... he'll be sure to keep you smiling, the big cute clown that he is ;0]

Thor is mellow and a chill dog, he just loves to keep his tail constantly wagging, hang out inside the home near you or happily go for a leisure walk outside or explore his own fenced-in backyard and catch the rays and sunshine while lounging on the grass in the company of another dog, perhaps;

Thor is too cute with his short legs and sausage-like body; we guess his previous owner most likely did not walk Thor much; but now Thor can lose a few pounds in a new home with a little exercise and proper diet;

we'd love to see Thor in a calm home without small kids and too many other animals --he is good to all beings and likes other dogs, but he thrives in a calm peaceful positive environment, not in loud, chaotic situations - like every senior would.

He has still a lot to give to someone who, like us, loves healthy "Older-Dog Energy" and will be happy to have a companion who is as chill as he is!

email us at to receive a quick application
or call 646 642 2227 ASAP to offer Thor a 4ever HOME;
you can also SPONSOR Thor through our paypal email -
thank you for helping Thor go home!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Our Lovely Dogs in Urgent Need

Hello There.

we'd like to jump right into hot waters and present to you all our lovely Death Row Dogs currently in immediate need of rescue, in need of homes, foster and -MOST Especially- 4ever homes;

a valid and overlooked point i'd like to make here;
most people respond emotionally to "rescuing" a dog in immediate danger; so they tend to want to rescue a dog who is on the euthanasia list; of course, it's now or never, and we want that too, so we understand!

BUT. too many don't realize that TRULY "saving" a "death-row dog", means Completing the mission all the way to getting this lucky dog his/her 4EVER HOME.

If a death row dog ends up in Boarding (a fancy name for yet another CAGE, a KENNEL, No family, No one-on-one attention and no Real Loving-4Ever Home Daily Life); or even in a foster home that does not intend to keep the dog 4ever and could fall through at any given time;

well that is simply NOT "completing the mission": NOT a 4ever loving and responsible home for that dog;

the dog remains still in Limbo in a cage, not enjoying his /her life; still living in a cage in boarding without a real Guardian to exchange Love with, which is really what a Dog Lives For;
or, in danger of being dumped by a foster home who might have a change of heart or of circumstances as time goes by.

People tend to forget rescued dogs who are in "foster care" or in "boarding";

they move on to the next "death row dog"; oh, but that's not fair to any dog rescued from death row and waiting for that stable and loving 4ever home, nor is it fair to his / her rescuers, who are few and far between and always very overwhelmed!

You see, if people would allow themselves to see the whole picture and remind themselves that a rescued dog in Boarding or in Fostercare was indeed a death row dog too, just yesterday and still needs to end up in a worthy 4ever home ASAP;

then they would still want to rescue that dog out of boarding or out of the foster home just as BAD as out of death row, bcz that's what dogs need:

a loving and responsible 4ever home to call their own, not a limbo situation lasting months and months, sometimes spent in a CAGE;

and that's what a rescuer needs, too--desperately:

an empty spot in a foster home or boarding to enable them to save the NEXT death row dog.
if not, the machine simply gets jammed and everyone gets stuck, resources dry up.

Please, consider ADOPTING a lovely Rescued Dog who is patiently waiting in a foster home or --worse-- in a Boarding Cage for his or her turn at 4ever Loving Happiness in a permanent Home:

this is So Important!

Be Part Of The Solution, Partecipate Passionately.
You are Majorly Needed: Rescue a Dog All The way.

We Thank You.
the dakodalove fund team.